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Customer Insight: How Proximity Learning Transformed Their Managers Into Leaders

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John Rollack, Senior Human Resources Director at Proximity Learning and Smith Puerto, Director of Customer Success discuss what caused Proximity Learning to seek out a leadership development training program, how they deployed and implemented it into their current systems, and how they got buy-in from their teams.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • How implementing Verb was quick, simple, and straight to the point.
  • How leadership and development can be fun and entertaining.
  • How Proximity Learning made Verb an extension of their team.
  • How leadership and development impacted Proximity Learning's employees.

Want to learn more about how Verb can help?

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Verb has 100s of searchable, interactive, experiential, and research-backed microlearning activities that help to close the learning loop.

Check out our Content Catalog for a peek at the activities we offer. 

 About Verb

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Verb is leadership development for a new kind of workplace. Our platform includes micro-learning activities that help build essential leadership skills like building inclusion, empathy, and psychological safety—and actually put those skills into practice.