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The State of Leadership Development

We surveyed dozens of HR leaders: Uncover how companies are realigning leadership development to meet the needs of an evolving workplace.



Employees are dealing with more changes in the workplace than ever before—factors like massive growth, remote work, changing technologies, and increased attention on political events and social justice in the workplace. There’s no question these changes influence what your people need to succeed, and a comprehensive leadership development strategy should reflect this.

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How your leadership development strategy compares to other top employers’



What obstacles can interfere with effective leadership development



How you can plan to get ahead and retain top talent by giving them the skills to be adaptable and flexible 

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About Verb

A new kind of leadership development platform

The Verb platform combines mentorship with leadership skills development with peer learning for a whole person development learning style. Verb now provides people all over the world with the skills they need to succeed, unlocking and cultivating their potential.

At Verb, we believe comprehensive leadership development is for everyone. Give your people the tools they need to reduce unproductive behaviors, engage teammates, and improve retention, and results will follow.

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