On-Demand Webinar

Panel Discussion: Building a Leadership Development Program for Today's Workplace

Hear Suzi Sosa, Verb's CEO, speak with:

  • Ashley Forbes Armstrong, Leadership Development Senior Program Manager at Salesforce
  • Ashley Austin, Program Manager, TMP Onboarding at Salesforce
  • Eric Chen, Director of People Strategy at 4G Clinical
  • Caitlin Murphy, Manager, People & Culture at Elastic Path
  • Jackie Morton, Coach & Executive Partner at Dose Coaching

They dive into what matters most in an organization's leadership development, the biggest challenges and obstacles they've encountered, and how they've built their leadership development programs.

Get tips for how to develop a leadership development program that makes an impact, whether you're at a small organization or a large enterprise.

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Verb has 100s of searchable, interactive, experiential, and research-backed microlearning activities that help to close the learning loop.

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 About Verb

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Verb is leadership development for a new kind of workplace. Our platform includes micro-learning activities that help build essential leadership skills like building inclusion, empathy, and psychological safety—and actually put those skills into practice.