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Deconstructing the Future of Work: Work Without Jobs

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Will the future of work require deconstructing jobs and reconstructing work?

A fireside chat with futurist, global leader of transformation, and best selling author of Work without Jobs Ravin Jesuthasan and Suzi Sosa, CEO of Verb.

Ravin and Suzi deconstruct the future of work and human capital and discuss what work without jobs means, why it will demand organizations to perpetually reorganize their work and workforces, and how it specifically impacts learning professionals and HR managers who will be tasked with managing the whole person instead of only job performance.

The journey to this new future of work is all about radical transformation, tune in to learn:

  • Actionable steps your L&D team can take today to get ahead of the curve.
  • Two things Ravin believes leaders need to focus on to succeed in this new world of work
  • How job deconstruction reduces inequality.
  • If jobs are going away, what’s the work of HR?

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Suzi Sosa

Co-Founder & CEO at Verb

Ravin Jesuthasan

Ravin Jesuthasan

Futurist, Global Thought Leader, Author of Work without Jobs