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Creating a Culture of Learning for Hiring, Retention & Growth

Employees are a company's most critical asset — they create solutions that impact the company's bottom line. Foster the best in your team and gain top talent by cultivating a learning culture.



A culture of learning within an organization has countless benefits but requires a concerted effort to implement and maintain.

If you're wondering how to best support retention, hiring, and growth, working to create a learning culture is a necessary first step.

Read our guide to learn:

The benefits of having a culture of learning.
How to implement a continuous learning framework and use it to develop employees and attract (and keep) new talent.
How to incorporate leadership development into your learning culture for growth.

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About Verb

A new kind of leadership development platform

Verb is the leadership development platform that prepares your people to adapt to the challenges of today’s rapidly changing workplace. Micro-learning activities prompt managers and teams to practice skills in a safe space, take action in the real world, and reflect on their growth—leading to real skill development and behavior change.


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