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10 Pillars of an Effective Leadership Development Program

Learn what it takes to build a strong program that puts people first and has a lasting impact across your organization.


You can't lead the way if you don't know where you're going.

Organizations leading the way in leadership development don't rely on one-off corporate training seminars or self-serve learning content alone. They build a plan that, at its core, combines 10 essential elements of successful long-term programs that focus on building human-centered leaders.

Learn what it takes to build a culture of great leaders who can steer your company's growth in this free guide, including:



How to secure executive buy-in for your leadership development plan.



The importance of engaging managers as well as their teams together in the learning process.



Why human-centered leadership is essential to the growth of your program, your people, and your organization.

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Verb is the leadership development platform that prepares your people to adapt to the challenges of today’s rapidly changing workplace. Microlearning activities prompt managers and teams to practice skills in a safe space, take action in the real world, and reflect on their growth—leading to real skill development and behavior change.


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